FAQ - Translation

  • What types of translation do you offer?

    Our company provides the following language services:

    • Translation
      • Professional
      • Standard
      • First draft
      • Sworn
      • Certified
    • Interpreting
      • Simultaneous
      • Consecutive
      • Over-the-phone
  • Is it true that there are no sworn translations in Britain?

    Sworn translations do exist, but they are always brought in from another country. Britain has no institute for sworn translators so an officially recognised translation is a certified one.

  • Will my translation be accepted by the UK Home Office/SIA/Brtish Court?

    Yes, because we provide certified translations, which are accepted by all public institutions in the UK.

  • What is the standard lead time?

    Our standard lead time is 3 working days. We also offer a fast-track service, with next-day delivery, and an express service with a same-day delivery.

  • Do you provide sworn translations?

    Yes, certainly.  We offer sworn translations provided by our translators accredited in Poland.

  • What is the difference between a sworn translation and a certified one?

    A certified translation is intended for use in the British market (there are no sworn translators in the UK).  It is provided together with a Certificate we give, issued on our headed paper and bearing our corporate stamp.
    A sworn translation is prepared for the Polish market.  It includes an authentication provided personally by the sworn translator who prepared it.

  • What is the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting?

    The main difference is that in consecutive interpreting, the interpreter performs the job during pauses made by the speaker, whilst in simultaneous interpreting, the message is relayed with only a negligible delay, even as the source text is being delivered.

  • Can you notarise my signature on a Power of Attorney?

    Unfortunately not.  We are not notaries. But we can recommend certain Polish-speaking solicitors who offer notarial services: Leigh Day & Co. Solicitors, Salinger, John Venn & Sons.

  • How can I deliver my documents to you?

    If the documents have an electronic format, you can easily send them to us using our automated delivery system, by FTP or by e-mail. Paper materials can be posted to our office address and many clients located outside of London use this mode of delivery.
    If you are sending original documents, we suggest using First Class Recorded or Special Delivery mail. However, we also offer a service whereby we can translate photocopied documents sent by e-mail or fax.

  • How can I be sure that no unauthorised disclosure of my confidential documents will occur?

    We guarantee 100% confidentiality for all materials sent to us, even when the documents have not been marked as confidential.  All the staff at Polish Translators Ltd. are legally bound to keep the secrets of both our company and our clients.

  • Must I make an appointment, or can I pay a personal visit any time?

    No appointment is necessary for visits made during regular office hours, i.e. Monday-Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • What type of documents do you translate?

    We translate all kinds of documents, e.g. official documents, trade offers, websites, letters, certificates, school records, contracts, manuals, etc.

  • Can I obtain an extra copy of the translation?

    Certainly. However, a standard delivery includes a single copy.  Any extra copy will be charged at 5 for translations of up to 3 pages, and at 10% of the total value for all other translations.

  • Can you send me the translation by fax or e-mail?

    Certainly. If it is just one or two pages, we are happy to send it for free. If the document to be faxed is more than 3 pages or the fax number is overseas, the charges are:

    • 0.50 - per page faxed within UK
    • 1.00 - per page faxed outside UK