Our qualified and experienced linguists each specialise in a number of different fields and are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding assignment.  We have a register of qualified interpreters in most regions of the world who are available to offer a range of services for every conceivable situation, business or otherwise, at any time of the day... or the night.

We offer:

  • Legal/court interpreting

    This type of interpreting is related to law enforcement & the judiciary and is mainly used for court hearings, police interviews, meetings with solicitors and all kinds of legal consultations... more
  • Medical interpreting

    Medical interpreting can be used in various healthcare situations, ranging from routine medical examinations to complex and highly-specialised medical conferences at an international level... more
  • Business interpreting

    Business interpreting can be used for all kinds of business meetings, e.g. conferences, negotiations, foreign business trips, international fairs... more
  • Public service interpreting

    Public service interpreting is used by public institutions and agencies to enable or facilitate communication between public officers and local multilingual communities... more
  • Media interpreting

    Media interpreting is used to facilitate contact with the media. Press, radio and TV are basic sources of public information that all require appropriate and accurate interpreting... more

Our interpreters use various interpretation techniques:

  • Consecutive interpreting

    Consecutive interpreting involves interpreting a fragment of speech during a pause made by the speaker, or after a source-text speaker has finished... more
  • Simultaneous interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting is carried out simultaneously with the speaker's delivery of the source text... more
  • Over-the-phone interpreting

    Over-the-phone interpreting is a long-distance interpreting technique, where communicating parties are based in different locations... more