Why should you choose Polish Translators?

Every translation agency claims to be the best, the most reliable, the most experienced and the most efficient and most agencies attempt to promote themselves as being able to offer a dazzling array  of services.  Rather than attempting to sell ourselves in this way, we prefer to mention a few hard and simple facts:  

  1. We are specialists in the English and Polish languages.
  2. We have an excellent understanding both of Polish and British cultures and employ both Polish and English native speakers.
  3. We are  not aware of any other agency who employs more translators and interpreters specialising in our principal language pair than ourselves.
  4. Our translators and interpreters are members of professional associations such as the ITI, IoL and TEPIS and Polish Translators Ltd is a member of the ATC - the Association of Translation Companies.
  5. We stand out from the crowd with our 'Polish tenacity' and strong work ethic. 
  6. Our prices are very competitive by British standards.