Polish Translators offer a wide range of translation services to meet the budget and the personal or business requirements of even the most demanding of our customers.  Our translators are specialists in numerous areas and - when you absolutely need to have it yesterday - they are available for you round-the-clock.

Our different translation 'packages' include the following:

  • Professional translation

    Translations of official and specialist documents, carried out by a qualified translator and then proofread by a second... more
  • 'First-draft' translation

    Low-cost translations that do not require detailed proofreading, where the reader is prepared to receive an unpolished version of the document's contents... more
  • Sworn translation

    A class of translation that is mostly used for official documents and correspondence, where it is required that the transation be certified by a sworn translator in Poland... more
  • Certified translation

    Certified translations carried out by accredited freelance translators or translation agencies and accepted throughout the UK... more
  • Proofreading & Editing

    Proofreading a document ensures the elimination of errors made during the preliminary translation, whilst editing involves the preparation of the translated document for publication, with particular attention being paid to format, style... more

Why should you choose Polish Translators?

  • An 'individual' approach to the client
  • A free estimate over the Internet
  • Our 'Polish tenacity' and strong work ethic 
  • Competitive prices
  • Consistent quality